Call of the Wild

Who are Hal, Charles, and Mercedes?

Call of the Wild - Chapter 5

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A young man of nineteen or twenty who purchases Buck and his team once they have used up their usefulness to the government. He has ambitions to find gold, but his incompetence and laziness are out of place in the harsh environment. He has no understanding of the dogs, and mistreats them terribly.


Hal's brother-in-law, a weak figure who does not say much. He basically follows Hal around and does what he is told.


Sister of Hal, wife of Charles. She is exceedingly self-centered, and spends most of her time crying and complaining.



Charles is Hal's brother in law, he does not talk much. Mercedes, sister of Hal wife of Charles,and she spends much of her time crying and complaining. Hal is a young nineteen or twenty who buys Buck.