Call of the Wild

what makes this book "bad"

i got through like ch. 3-4 and absolutely hated it. i am supposed to write an opinion on the book (a book report i guess!) and i am saying that i hated it, but i need details on bad situations throughout the book, if you could answer the following that would be amazing.

1. how did he die

2. how many owners buck had

3. bad situations throughout the book that made it horrible

4. just anything that i missed that would get my point accross that i hated the book

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By "bad" I take it that you didn't like it. This is a difficult thing to prove considering the book is a classic selling millions of copies and turned into films. Bad things that happen in the book are different from the book simply being "bad". If you wish to write about the book being bad, you would have to go after plot, character development.... As for your other questions, you will have to submit each one separately.