Call of the Wild

What is the chronological order of the call of the wild chapter 4 ?

Call of the Wild Chapter 4

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-Buck takes over as leader.

-He is eleven better than Spitz and the starving dogs do better although they are still starving.

-Buck and the team are transferred to new masters, François and Perrault leave the story.

- Buck has his primitive doggy-dreams about being king of the forrest.

- Dave, another one of the dogs, gets sick, but refuses to leave his place at the sled. Dave dies pulling the sled. Poor Dave.

-Buck runs around the camp until he gets leader

-Buck proves that he is a better leader than Spitz and helps the dogs get back into sled pulling shape, not fighting shape

-Teek and Koona and added to the pack

-The team made a record run!

-The pack is given to a new owner who doesn't have a name for he is refered to the Scottish half-breed

-Buck looks into the fire seeing the beast inside his new owner

-Buck see's his new owner almost like a caveman

-Dave gets sick but no one knows the cause

-He refuses to leave his place in the sled

-His new owner shot him because he was suffereing and the left him there... POOR DAVE!!!


The Call of the Wild