Call of the Wild

What are the seven steps Buck takes to go back to the wild??


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I'll give it a try:

-Buck dog-napped from California

-Man in Seattle who beats Buck with a club. This help make Buck into a more aggressive doggie.

- Spitz, cunning lead dog in Perrault's team and rival of Buck. In a showdown, Spitz is getting the better of Buck until Buck changes tactics and kills Spitz. Buck is now Alpha-Dog and lead as well!

-Hal, Charles: American adventurers who buy Buck and several other dogs from the Scotch-half breed after the latter returns to Skagway from Dawson, Canada. They mistreat Buck and other dogs during a trip north. Buck is weary of humans now.

-John Thornton: Man who rescues Buck from Hal and Charles after Hal beats Buck. Thornton nurses Buck back to health and becomes his best friend. Buck loves him more than he had loved any other human.

-Yeehat Indians: Killers of John Thornton, Hans, and Pete. Buck kills several Yeehats and drives off the rest. Buck pays his last respects to humans and Thornton. His debt to humans is paid.

--Old Wolf: Wolf that welcomes Buck to a wolf pack after Buck proves himself in fierce combat with the pack. Buck is now a dog of the wild. He has found his inner wolf and there is no turning back.

Oh I followed a time line from this site,