Call of the Wild

what are the events in ch 6 in the call of the wild?

please list them in order....only put 6 main events


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John and Buck convalesce together, both growing stronger in the beautiful, warm weather.

Buck comes to love John Thornton completely. He not only saved Buck, but is also the ideal master.

The "strain of the primitive" remains alive and active in Buck. He is a wild dog who sits by John Thornton's fire. He has no qualms about stealing from other camps, even though he leaves John's supplies alone. Buck gets into fights, and he fights shrewdly and with cunning.

Thornton's partners, Hans and Pete, arrive with the expected raft raft. Buck merely tolerates them, which they accept, as they travel to Dawson and beyond.

Buck gets a chance to prove his love when John Thornton interferes in a bar fight between "Black" Burton and a tenderfoot. Buck nearly kills the instigator, and suddenly he has a reputation in every camp in Alaska. When John falls into the rapids of a river, Buck aids Hans and Pete in rescuing him and breaks three ribs. Later that winter in Dawson, Buck wins a $1600 bet for his master by pulling a sled loaded with a thousand pounds of flour. Buck becomes the most famous dog in Alaska.

 A man offers to buy Buck from John Thornton for 1200 dollars, but Thornton doesn't blink before he refuses.