Call of the Wild

What are some similarities between Call of the Wild book and movie?

I'm doing an essay in English about the similarities and differences between the movie and the book, and I know plenty of differences, just no similarities.

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I am not sure which movie you are referring to, but you can often focus on the point of view in the movie; the book is told from the point of view of Buck, and maintaining that point of view in a movie can be very difficult. Another difference can be this: in one version of the movie, the order of the events is different. You might want to compare your story to the movie's events and see which are out of order. Ask yourself these questions to look for differences; is the setting really in the Yukon? Does John acquire Buck in the same way in both the movie and the book? Is the group (Charles, et al) who purchases Buck's team portrayed the same by both the book and the movie? I think you get the idea of the way to look for differences.