Call of the Wild

The call of the wild,In chapter 7 Buck leaves Thornton and travel "across the bleak divide" several times. Describe three encounters he has with other animals during his travels. what is the symbolism behind these two setting?

find 3 encounters he has with other animals during his travel, and find symbolism behind these two settings.

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1. Buck's first encounter with the wolf is a friendly one, but his loyalty lies with Thornton. He returns to the camp, but the "Call" is gaining intensity.

2. Buck's successful hunts of the bear, moose, and bull represent his identity as a truly wild animal.

3. Buck joins the wolf pack and gains the status of "Ghost Dog" among the Yeehats.

Buck's identity as a beautiful animal is always in the context of the "Call of the Wild," which is strongly associated with strength as the ultimate virtue. However there is also a sense in which the Wild lends itself to a communal reality that is also very essential to Buck's identity.