Call of the Wild

The Call of the Wild

In chapter 7, Buck meets a wild wolf twice. What were those 2 times? Needs to include details

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Buck nightly hears an ancient call deep in the forest. Sometimes he searches for it. Sometimes he hears it, springs from his place and runs wild through the forest. One night he hears it more clearly than ever before. He goes into the forest and he sees a timber wolf. The wolf motions for Buck to come with him, and Buck is wildly happy as they run. He now understands what the call meant, running wild and free with his brothers. After Buck has avenged Thornton's death,Buck hears the call once more, and this time he knows he must leave for good. Nothing remains to hold him. The wolf pack rushes into the clearing, but they come to a halt upon seeing Buck. The boldest one strikes Buck and instantly has his neck broken. The rest descend, but Buck holds them off for half an hour. The wolves draw back, discomfited. One steps forward and whines softly. Buck recognizes his wild brother, and they touch noses. When the pack howls, Buck joins them. Obeying the law of club and fang, they accept his fellowship, and he runs with them into the woods. Please check this out below: