Call of the Wild

Social Science

What were the arguments for and against the growth of giant corporations?

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I really think this was answered before. Like I said, this is a literature site. Still, my musings aren't all that bad. Check it out again:

I live near a Walmart and unfortunately I shop there from time to time. Giant corporations provide cheap employment, low prices and miles of cheap products some child made in China for about 10 cents an hour. Unfortunately the West, America in particular, is addicted to cheap gadgets and toys everything. Supporters say, the people overseas need the jobs and putting I-Pads together for $2.00 a day beats collecting rice in some swampy rice paddy . Does getting your I-Pad for $50 dollars cheaper warrant some poor kid soldering micro-chips for 16 hours a day? Large corporations are said to destroy cottage industries and small business. Many argue that traditional small business can't exist anymore in a consumer world based on cheap products and massive production. There are no easy answers to this question but I do know that as long as people wish to consume on the massive scale we have become accustomed too, big corporations are here to stay.

Also, please list your question under a more appropriate title. "Call of the Wild" is about a wolf named Buck. He didn't head a big corporation!