Call of the Wild

Sled Team

Briefly describe the following dog of the dog sled team quoting from the book:
Spitz, Dave, Billee, Joe, and Sol-leks.

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Dave nipped Buck in the behind when he made a mistake.

Spitz, as the leader, made himself known and would growl or jerk at the harness.

Dave, who was an experienced wheeler, nipped Buck's hindquarters whenever he was in error. Spitz was the leader, likewise experienced, and while he could not always get at Buck, he growled sharp reproof now and again, or cunningly threw his weight in the traces to jerk Buck into the way he should go.

Billie was good natured, whereas, Joe was spiteful.

"Billee" and "Joe" he called them, two brothers, and true huskies both. Sons of the one mother though they were, they were different as day and night. Billee's one fault was his excessive good nature, while Joe was the very opposite, sour and introspective, with a perpetual snarl and a malignant eye.


Call of the Wild