Call of the Wild

List the major events in Chapter 5.

just tell me the events

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1) The dogs arrive at Skagway.

2) Charles and Hal buy both the dogs and the sled.

3) The dogs are forced to pull Charle's and Hal's sled, which is too heavy and poorly packed.

4) The dogs, already exhausted from their trip to Skagway, begin to get sick and die. The men have not packed the proper amount of food to nourish the animals.

5) The group stops at John Thornton's camp, and Hal begins to beat Buck because he is unable to move. Thornton frees Buck and keep him, warning the men that their sled will not make it over the thin ice. The sled hits thin ice down the path.... Hal, Charles, Mercedes, and all of the dogs are killed.


Call of the Wild