Call of the Wild

List and describe three different teams of people that led the dogs


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Team #1


A Canadian Frenchman, the original dogsled driver. He is knowledgeable and understanding of his dogs, but still very strict.


Francois's superior and an agent of the Canadian government. He is admired by Buck for his fearlessness in blazing their trail, disregarding the threat of ice that might break.

Team #2


A young man of nineteen or twenty who purchases Buck and his team once they have used up their usefulness to the government. He has ambitions to find gold, but his incompetence and laziness are out of place in the harsh environment. He has no understanding of the dogs, and mistreats them terribly.


Hal's brother-in-law, a weak figure who does not say much. He basically follows Hal around and does what he is told.


Sister of Hal, wife of Charles. She is exceedingly self-centered, and spends most of her time crying and complaining.

Team #3

John Thornton

The man who rescues Buck from Hal's cruelty. He is by far the most admirable human character in the story, kind but full of the uncompromising strength that is necessary to survive on the trail. John is the ideal master because his nature is so dog-like.


One of John Thornton's partners.


One of John Thornton's partners.