Call of the Wild

In the book The Notorious Jumping Frog of Calaveras County by Mark Twain

What was Smiley relationship with his animals?

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Well his all his relationships had to do with betting. Smiley was "uncommon lucky," and had a reputation for betting on anything he could: horse races, dog fights, and even which of two birds sitting on a fence would fly first. His broken-down old nag somehow always managed to win races when Smiley bet on her. His bullpup, Andrew Jackson, also won all its fights. Smiley also owned rat terriers, chicken cocks, and tom-cats, and wagered on all of them—and won.

Smiley, Wheeler goes on, once caught a frog, which he named Dan'l Webster, and trained him to jump. And that frog was a remarkable jumper, beating out any frog brought from near and far to challenge him


His animals were all well cared for pets. They did what he needed them to do in order to win his bets.