Call of the Wild

In the book A Wagner Matinee by Willa Cather

Do you think that Aunt Georgiana will be tempted to stay in Boston and not return to her home in Nebraska? Why?

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Aunt Georgiana inspired Carter to appreciate the fine arts. His aunt was able to witness some of the finest performances that she has always dreamed about, it brought tears to her eyes. Nebraska has nothing to offer her but the drudgery of rural life so yes, Aunt would be tempted to remain in Boston.

When the concert ends at last, the other members of the audience applaud, murmur appreciatively, start to leave; the musicians rise from their seats, tapping the spit out of their woodwinds and brasses, putting their instruments into cases or slipjackets. Aunt Georgiana, however, does not move. Still sobbing, she tells Clark, "I don't want to go, Clark, I don't want to go!" It isn’t merely that she doesn’t want to leave the concert hall; she doesn’t want to return to a gray and ugly world, where music has no part.