Call of the Wild

In chapter 5 of call of the wild buck relies on his strength,adaptibility, and cunning.How do Charles, Hal, and Mercedes lack these traits?

the question says to lis five or more examples from chapter 5 showing that Charles, Hale< and Mercedes lack these traits.

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1. London is always intentional about his physical description of characters:

"Charles was a middle-aged, lightish colored man, with weak and watery eyes and a mustache that twisted fiercely and vigorously up, giving the lie to the limply drooping lip it concealed."

2. They are obviously inexperienced when they try to set up their tent:

"There was a great deal of effort about their manner, but no businesslike method. The tent was rolled into an awkward bundle three times as large as it should have been."

3. Other sled teams recognize their childishness:

"Three men from a neighboring tent came out and looked on, grinning and winking at one another."

4. They bicker with one another:

"Sometimes Mercedes sided with her husband, sometimes with her brother. The result was a beautiful and unending family quarrel."

5. They cannot bear the elements:

"With the dogs falling, Mercedes weeping and riding, Hal swearing innocuously, and Charles eyes wistfully watering, they staggered into John Thornton's camp at the mouth of the White River."