Call of the Wild

Hey Im from Denmark and I need your help!

Hello people!

Im from Denmark and I have to write an important paper about Jack Londons "Call of the wild".

In my paper I have to inlude historie and English and since the story is in English I have covered that part. But my problem is historie.

Do you have any idea how I can include historie with "Call of the Wild".

I was thinking about Americas finacial decrease or the gold rush.

If you have any ideas please write!!!!

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Definitely include the gold rush.

Can you perhaps tell me more about the Native American and white relations? because I havent read the book yet.

The reason why I have not read the book yet is because I have to tell my teachers everything I can about Jack London and Call of the Wild, so they can make a really good Problem Formulation (if you can call it that) for me, first then can I start reading and solving the task.

That means that I have to tell them everything I can about the gold rush and native white problems.

by the way thanks for the help!