Call of the Wild

Do you think Buck will ever see the judge again?

What was life like for Buck in the first four years of his life when he lived with the judge?If Buck had been able to read the newspapers, what "trouble" would he have known "was brewing"?What did Buck learn about Francois and Perrault after they bought him and put him on the team?Why did Buck learn so quickly how to be a member of the team?Give five examples of how Buck's life changed when he became a part of the sled team as compared to when he lived with the Judge.How do you think Buck will get along with Spitz in the future?What lesson did Buck learn about how to survive at night from watching the other dogs?What did Buck begin to have "memories" of in this chapter?Why did Buck finally attack and kill Spitz?Why did the huskies invade the camp and how did they fight?What was Buck's first encounter with Spitz like? How has that changed by Chapter 3?How will life change for Buck and the rest of the team now that their lead dog is gone?How did Buck feel when he was fighting the huskies?When the "Scotch half-breed" killed Dave, why did he go back to camp to do it?Why do you think Buck was no longer homesick at this point in the story?How is Buck different in this chapter than in the first three chapters?How did Buck become the lead dog after Spitz died?Where and why did Francois and Perrault leave Buck's life?Why was the team sold to Hal and his friends?What does it mean that Hal bought the team "for a song"?Why did Hal buy six extra dogs and why was that a bad idea?Why didn't Buck get up when it was time to leave Thornton's camp and what did Hal do about it?Why was Buck's decision a good one? SOMEONE PLEASE HELP GREATLY APPRECIATED :)

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Hi, you need to submit each of your questions separately. As to your first question; I don't think Buck will see the judge again. His life has taken such a turn that he will never go back to domestic life again. He becomes a dog hardened by the wilderness and called to the wild.