Call of the Wild

Dave and Sol-leks

Desribe how Dave and Sol-leks react to the job of pulling the sled?

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Dave and Sol-leks love pulling the sled. These two particular dogs, became alert and active. They wanted to perform to the best of their abilities and were agitated when things didn't go as planned.

Buck was glad to be gone, and though the work was hard he found he did not particularly despise it. he was surprised at the eagerness which animated the whole team and which was communicated to him, but still more surprising was the change wrought in Dave and Sol-leks. They were new dogs, utterly transformed by the harness. All passiveness and unconcern had dropped from them. They were alert and active, anxious that the work should go well, and fiercely irritable with whatever, by delay or confusion, retarded that work. The toil of the traces seemed the supreme expression of their being, and all that they lived for and the only thing in which they took delight.


Call of the Wild