Call of the Wild

Chapter 7

what is life like for the hairy man that buck dreams of while staring into the fire?

How does buck respond to the call from the depths of the forest?

how does buck approach the wolf he sees? 

Why does buck chase the wolf?

what happens when they meet face to face?

where is the wolf leading buck?

how does the wolf react when buck turns around to go back to camp?

how does buck start to break away from civilization and become a killer?

compare buck and a wolf?

what does buck hunt? Why? 

What is his most prized prey? Why? And how does buck bring it down?

what signs lead buck to believe something is wrong in thorntons camp? What does he find when he gets there?

Who are the yeehats? What does buck do to them? Why?

how do the yeehats attempt to fight back? Are they successful??

what evidence does buck find the Thornton is dead?

how does buck feel about thorntons death?

how does buck feel when he sees the carcasses of the yeehats? How will he act toward men in the future?

why is buck now ready to answer the call?

when the wolf pack invades the valley and sees buck what do they think of him?

how does buck defend himself from the individual and then group attacks? How does he manage to get the entire pack to attack him from the front?

how does the fight end? Who is the friendly wolf who approaches buck? How do they greet one another?

What happens after the old battle scarred wold approaches buck?






sorry that it is so long  my teacher is crazy but still a good teacher.

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1) The ancient man Buck dreams of lives in a world of fear and hardship. 

2) Sometimes he searches for it. Sometimes he hears it, springs from his place and runs wild through the forest.

Please limit your questions to one per text box. Thank you....