Call of the Wild

Chapter 3 Writing activity

Write an article on you witnesses the fight between Buck and Spitz, use who, what, where, when why and how in the article.

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You might begin with a bit of history between the two dogs. Then use plenty of descriptive language when it comes to the showdown. Flashes of fur colour, teeth and claws are good. The sounds of dogs fighting (snarls, barks...) Metaphors to wild dogs and wolves are good. Also lots of dog spit and blood will work well.

The “Big Fight” that happened between Buck and Spitz was over a rabbit. Buck was so close to catching a rabbit when Spitz came along killed the rabbit and ate it right in front of Buck. Spitz got what he wanted, a fight, he wanted a fight because he was jealous of Buck he got so much attention while he (Spitz) was the lead dog. Buck was ready to fight, for he was smart and strong while Spitz was dumb and strong. Buck got wounded but he didn’t give up Buck wounded Spitz’s legs so he couldn’t jump, after that the dogs ate him and then carried the rest of him to the woods.

Spitz died and Buck won the “Big Fight.” Now that Spitz is dead Buck wanted leader on the sled but Perrault and François gave it to Sol-lecks. Sol-lecks got leader because he is more wise, he is older, and he has more experience as a sled dog than Buck does. Now Buck is upset, he wanted to be leader so he tries to kill Sol-lecks but François and Perrault won’t let him, so Buck plays catch with them and runs around the camp until he got leader.