Call of the Wild

Chapter 3 The call of the wild

What was Buck's mutiny and how did his mutiny affect the dog team?

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Buck mutinies by undermining Spitz's dog authority whenever he can. This makes the alpha-dog look really badly in front of the pack.When Spitz wants to lay the smack-down on Pike for sleeping late in his snowbank (sounds cozy!), Buck intervenes and protects Pike. This makes Spitz look like a "girly dog" in front of the pack. Soon Buck is encouraging other dogs to commit minor offences until Spitz has really lost control and respect of the pack. Check out this quote from Chapter 3,

"The insidious revolt led by Buck had destroyed the solidarity of the team. It no longer was as one dog leaping in the traces. The encouragement Buck gave the rebels led them into all kinds of petty misdemeanors. No more was Spitz a leader greatly to be feared. The old awe departed, and they grew equal to challenging his authority" (Chapter 3).

He creates mutiny by changelling Splitz authority