Call of the Wild

chapter 1

what happens to buck after he leave judge miller home? what cruel treatment does he endure? where is buck taken? identif the forms of transportation used to move buck.

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The cage is switched to an express train that will reach Seattle in two days . Occasionally Buck is harassed by men who poke sticks at him through his cage. he is given nothing to eat or drink, and his discomfort only augments his wrath. He vows never to let another rope be placed upon him. When the train is unloaded, a man in a red sweater approaches the crate, as four other men look on. The man carries a hatchet and a club; first, he uses the hatchet to break open Buck's crate. Anxious to loose his pent up fury, Buck leaps at him and is struck by a club, a new and horrible experience. Mad fury drives Buck, but each time he rushes the man, he is struck again, until he is beaten and bloodied. I think Buck is also transported by car.