Call of the Wild

can you give me an example of a ethos or pathos used in this novel?

any chapter. Note the chapter or quote it if possible

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Chapter 13 is entirely about pathos. Chris's family was struck extremely hard by the news of his death, and it is clear through the chapter that they have still not come to terms with the tragedy. Chris's parents, Billie and Walt, and his sister Carine, all showed their grief in different ways. Through their anecdotes, the reader sees how important Chris really was to them, and how much they loved him despite his personal eccentricities. Carine even speaks about how her appetite changed due to the loss, connecting it with Chris's last days:

"I just couldn't bear the thought of throwing away food since Chris had starved to death." Over the weeks that followed, however, she found that her appetite had vanished...


Call of the wild