Call of the Wild

Call of the Wild By Jack London Chapter 2 Question

What lessons does Buck learn from this vicarious experience?

What is "The Law of Club and Fang?"

What does Buck learn from Pike and what theme does this lesson reflect?

How is Buck's sense of right and wrong changing? Why?

How is Buck changing physically in this new enviroment?

In this new enviroment, what skills does Buck learn in order to survive?

Why does Buck howl at the moon at the end of Chapter 2?

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2) London calls the rules governing this society, the "law of club and fang." Stripped of the niceties of civilization, the only rule that governs, a rule that supersedes any loyalty, is the rule of power. Curly dies because she has no understanding of her place in the power structure. She accidentally asserts a dominance she cannot back up. Leaders such as Spitz keep everyone in check. Spitz must assert his dominance over new dogs in order to establish their place in the hierarchy. Buck must see Curly's death as a lesson, for their is no time to express sympathy. Spitz's "laughter" at the terrible scene, and Buck's resultant dislike foreshadows the eventual conflict between the two dogs. 

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