Call of the Wild

Call of the Wild

In the Call of the Wild, at the end of the novel, do you believe that every dog would be happier living free in the wild?

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In my opinion, the domestication of dogs has led to loving, companionship for both man and animal. I do not think they'sd be "happier". Dogs might be happy running free.... but their lives might possibly be far shorter and much more difficult. Take smaller dogs for example..... they'd be the perfect prey for larger animals and their lives would be short indeed.

In my opinion, the dogs would have been happier in the wild at first then they would look back and think to all the luxuries they had before and remember and want to go back to where they were at first but in the beginning, they would enjoy the wild to live free and have no complications. Keep in mind there are still hunters and predators looking for food and hey a nice dog would be pretty good to a wolf. Honestly, with all thoughts they will come back after a while for food, water, and more luxuries.


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