Call of the Wild

call of the wild

Who is wild and who is civilizedin the story? Can you explain with spesific examples?

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Jack London was all about the philosophy of "naturalism". This is mans' or dogs' inherent instinct . London's style is using a dog as our viewpoint without turning him into merely a caricature. So in light of that, here are three lessons in survival curtsy of Buck the dog.

1. Don't settle for the pampered life of civilization. Go and find your inner wolf.

2. Know when to fight and when not to fight. A wise dog lasts the longest.

3. Never give up. Through cold and pain, you can go the distance. You are part of nature and just as strong if you push yourself.

Animals have a clearer view of the natural world. Humans have "civilized" themselves and have ceased to evolve in the natural world.