Call of the Wild

Buck and Sol-leks

What did Sol-leks do to Buck? Why did Sol-leks do this?

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Sol-leks grabbed Buck and slashed his shoulder to the bone. Sol-leks didn't like to have other dogs come up on his blind side, and Buck, making this mistake, paid the price.

He was called Sol-leks, which means the Angry One. Like Dave, he asked nothing, gave nothing, expected nothing: and when he marched slowly and deliberately into their midst, even Spitz left him alone. he had one peculiarity which Buck was unlucky enough to discover. He did not like to be approached on his blind side. Of this offense Buck was unwittingly guilty, and the first knowledge he had of his indiscretion was when Sol-leks whirled upon him and slashed his shoulder to the bone for three inches up and down. Forever after Buck avoided his blind side, and to the last of their comradeship had no more trouble.a His only apparent ambition, like Dave's, was to be left alone; though, as Buck was afterward to learn, each of them possessed one other and even more vital ambition.


Call of the Wild