Call of the Wild

boring ... zzzzzz!

call of the wild is very boring! i went to a study guide and got great info to "help" me!!! :)

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call of the wild is not boring, it is intriguing and it has a very good story. but I guess we both have our seperate opinions. but a lot of people like call of the wild, and by saying your opinion about it to people who want to read may get them to put it down and find another book. all I ask kindly is to keep your bad opinions about it to yourself.

ok so i am jsut going 2 say this.

Call of the Wild sucks.

it is so boring it made my eyes bleed red.

i read 24/7. i read in my sleep partically.

personally i wouldnt ever suggest this book 2 any1.

thats my personal opinion.


my, what an intellligent and well-thought-out response! Bwahahahaha!!

You must have been reading "partically" in your sleep not to get something out of this novel.

You both are thoughtless and need to stop arguing

Well it was a good book, im not going to lie....i just think that is dragged out to much.It was really sad. But over all i liked it. I would suggest it to people who like to read...but not if you dont like to my case i hate to read soo.

where is this website

I've read alot of bad books and Call of the Wild is on the top of my bad list, right next to A Separate Peace

kagome, remember, a book is like a mirror: if a jerk peers into it, you can't expect a prophet to peer back out.

I don't remember who said this originally, but it is an apt quote for dunderheads who claim that a book is bad simply because they aren't willing to go to the effort of understanding it. Both books you mention are classics. They have stood the test of time because they have a valuable message. Obviously you are too obtuse to see those messages. Don't blame the author for your own failings.

If you don't like a book, that's fine, but don't say it's bad just because you fail to understand it.

I LOVE this story. For my students I had them to do an activity where they had to think "What would the dog say?" Reminding them constantly that animals have personalities just like humans. As I read the story to my 8th graders they see in their minds eye what is taking place. Reminding them to think like the dogs.

11 Quotes for 'G. C. Lichtenberg' in the Database.

Charles, your quote comes from Georg Christoph Lichtenburg, a German scientist and statesman. The actual wording is this:

"A book is a mirror: If an ass peers into it, you can't expect an apostle to look out."

I agree with you. You get out of a book what you put in.

Personally, the Call of the Wild was like the most boring book I ever read. And you can't take it seriously because a dog is the main character. Good thing its so short because I kept falling asleep.

Charles needs to get on Prozac or something.

I liked the book :) I agree with Kaylin (we share a name AND an opinion on this book!

It WAS drawn out and sad, but I did overall like what Jack London was trying to say with Call of the Wild.

'The Call of the Wild' is not an easy read. Neither is it a particularly difficult one. However, if someone has the attention span of a fly and the vocabulary of a troglodyte, they will probably find 'The Call of the Wild' boring.

Reading and comprehension go hand in hand. If you ZOOM through a book, you will find very little to interest you. But, if you actually try and process what is on the page, you may actually enjoy Buck's adventure into the mystic.

And, no, I don't need Prozac except to endure the 'dumbing down' of America.

I have read Call of the Wild it's an AMAZING book I love it but everyone has different choices don't we. :)

11 Quotes for 'G. C. Lichtenberg' in the Database

"A book is a mirror: If an ass peers into it, you can't expect an apostle to look out."

I agree with you. You get out of a book what you put in.

Original poster: coco s

such a savage

any1 know why buck is afraid of waking up in a trap-like hole

Call of the wild is a good book but what makes it boring is that there are no pictures and from chapter 3 I think it is difficult to read and boring to understand because of no pictures to dipict the scene.