Call of the Wild

Are there any places left to go in the modern world that would answer "the call of the wild"? Would you go there? Write at least tree paragraphs.

chapter 7

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There are many places to go in the world where one can commune with nature in this world. One just needs to get out of the city. I grew up in Northern Canada. I merely had to step outside and I could have been Buck. Actually back then I was not a very impressive physical specimen so no, I couldn't have been Buck. Still, if one knows how to survive in the wilderness the experience could be quite special. London followed writers like Thoreau and Emerson in the whole experience of "naturalism". Living in the elements, they felt, brings truth. They were right I suppose but, for me, day three in the woods sends me running home to my hot shower and warm bed. So, no I don't think I would do this but I don't deny how special the experience could be.

Aslan is right; Canada still answers the call of the wild, as does sections (many) in Alaska, Russia (how about it?), and a number of places right here on the mainland United States. Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, the Dakotas; all of these have areas that remain wild and untamed.

I've been to most of these places, and I love the COLD. Camping is a favorite, but I prefer a cabin and fire; taking the dogs out is great, maybe for a day. Do I think I'm tough enough as woman to brave the elements like these men? Uh..... no, I would never claim to be that adaptive, but if it came to shutting down and giving in as opposed to surviving............ I'm going to give it my best shot. Good luck with this........... great assignment!