By the Waters of Babylon

1. The author establishes the setting. Describe the setting. What words and phrases does the author use to develop the setting?

based on the story------ by the waters of babylon

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The setting is a futuristic place, in which industrialized civilization has been destroyed.

There was the great river below, like a giant in the sun. It is very long, very wide. It could eat all the streams we know and still be thirsty. Its name is Ou-dis-sun, the Sacred, the Long.

I found it at last in the ruins of a great temple in the mid-city. A mighty temple it must have been, for the roof was painted like the sky at night with its stars—that much I could see, though the colors were faint and dim. It went down into great caves and tunnels—perhaps they kept their slaves there.


By the Waters of Babylon