Burmese Days

I have to compare and comtrast two characters from Burmese Days, as literary representatives of the Britsih Empire. I need to chose one British characyer and one Asian character. Which characters would be best?

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I read this book so long ago but I'll do my best. Dr. Veraswami is an Indian doctor who wants to get into the coveted British club because he thinks that if his standing with the Europeans is good. John Flory is a friendless and jaded 35-year-old teak merchant.He is European but becomes increasingly critical of British Colonialism. There is of course an irony here. The doctor and the merchant frequently meet together and have very cultural conversations. While John Flory admonishes the Raj for exploiting countries, Dr. Veraswami defends the Raj for their administrative capabilities and the infrastructure the natives could never build. So, it is this dichotomy that Orwell knits into his exotic storyline.