Bud, Not Buddy

Why does bud not let anyone call him buddy?

Give text evidence

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Bus doesn't let anyone cal him buddy because it was one of the few things his mothers told him never to do before she died. She didn't name him Buddy..... she named him Bud.

She'd say, "Bud is your name and don't you ever let anyone call you anything outside of that either."

She'd tell me, "Especially don't you ever let anyone call you Buddy, I may have some problems but being stupid isn't one of them, I would've added that dy onto the end of your name if I intended for it to be there. I knew what I was doing, Buddy is a dog's name or a name that someone's going to use on you if they're being false-friendly. Your name is Bud, period." I'd say, "OK, Momma."


Bud, Not Buddy