Brave New World

What has changed about Bernard when he returns to the World State with Linda and John?

Page 156

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Bernard immediately becomes famous because he controls the Savage's social schedule. Bernard takes advantage of his fame to get as many women as he can. He holds parties for the social elites to visit and meet the Savage. However, he foolishly criticizes society and even goes so far as to lecture Mustapha Mond in a letter on ways that society could improve. The letter amuses and angers Mond, who nevertheless chooses not to punish Bernard for his hubris.

Helmholtz Watson tells Bernard that he disapproves of Bernard’s boastfulness and pride. Watson and the other social elites agree that Bernard’s behavior will one day lead "to a bad end." After a brief disagreement with Helmholtz in which the latter expresses his disappointment, Bernard becomes angry and vows never to talk to him again.