Brave New World

What does Huxley mean when he writes that John is “Bound by strong vows that had never been pronounced, obedient to laws that had long ceased to run”(170)? How does this explain his reaction to Lenina?


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John is a man who has been raised in a culture that taught and adhered to certain morals and beliefs. Lenina's behavior is in direct contrast to anything he's ever known or experienced. None-the-less, he still can't bring himself to believe that she is having the same reaction to him that he has for her.

"Good-night," said a strangled voice behind her. Lenina wheeled round. He was standing in the doorway of the cab, his eyes fixed, staring; had evidently been staring all this time while she was powdering her nose, waiting–but what for? or hesitating, trying to make up his mind, and all the time thinking, thinking–she could not imagine what extraordinary thoughts. "Good-night, Lenina," he repeated, and made a strange grimacing attempt to smile.


Brave New World