Brave New World

regarding the introduction of the book,is it different with other books?

the introduction of the brave new world...

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The introduction in this book is generally considered chapters 1-6. I hope you are referring to this in your question. The introduction is very different from other fictional genres. Right away Orwell states that this is the future and everybody is happy. This tips us off that there is a problem. We quickly discover that this is a dystopia. People are "happy" at the expense of anything meaningful in their lives. As far as dystopian fiction goes, it is not completely different. The irony of an autocratic ultra-conditioned society is not new. For example, George Orwell did it in his novel 1984 and Margret Attwood did it in the Handmaid's tale. I think the intro to "brave new World" is unique in that people are seemingly having a good time. A mature reader, however, quickly gets the sense that society has gone terribly wrong.

oops, in my fourth sentence I meant Huxley not Orwell.