Brave New World

Major setting of Brave New World

Use the authors quotation to describe the place. reflect on how the description of setting does more than merely present time and place

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The main setting in the novel is London, which is a part of the World State.

Lenina looked down through the window in the floor between her feet. They were flying over the six kilometre zone of park-land that sepa- rated Central London from its first ring of satellite suburbs. The green was maggoty with fore-shortened life. Forests of Centrifugal Bumble- puppy towers gleamed between the trees. Near Shepherd's Bush two thousand Beta-Minus mixed doubles were playing Riemann-surface tennis. A double row of Escalator Fives Courts lined the main road from Notting Hill to Willesden. In the Ealing stadium a Delta gymnastic display and community sing was in progress.

The buildings of the Hounslow Feely Studio covered seven and a half hectares. Near them a black and khaki army of labourers was busy re- vitrifying the surface of the Great West Road.

Brave New World