Brave New World

John visits the house where Bernard and Lenina are staying. What does he do?

Chapter 9

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John goes to the house where Bernard and Lenina are staying on the Reservation. Since it is silent, he fears that they have already left. He peeks in the window, sees Lenina's suitcase, and realizes they are still home, so he breaks a window and enters the house. He looks around, opens Lenina's suitcase, plays with her perfume powder and clothing, and finally finds Lenina lying asleep on her bed. He breathes in her scent and feels stunned by her beauty. Lines from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, extolling Juliet's beauty, enter his head, but he refrains from his urge to unzip her jacket and see her naked body. When he hears Bernard's helicopter, he leaps out of the window just in time to meet Bernard returning from his visit with the warden.