Brave New World

Is Bernard in love with the idea of being different more than the reality of it?

Brave New World Chapter 6

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I think Bernard is more interested in the idea of being different than the actual reality of it. Bernard's range of emotions causes him disappointment and anger, but on the other hand, his emotions of love and longing for a better life suggest his future enlightenment. Bernard's behavior only makes sense if the reader understands that Bernard is in love with Lenina. However, his love comes from who he perceives her to be, not on who she really is. Bernard therefore tries to force Lenina to conform to his perception of her. In addition, he is desperate to have her return his love. In a society devoid of commitment and monogamy, the only way for Bernard to get her to fall in love with him is to force her to experience emotions. As a result, his anger and behavior derives from his attempts to have Lenina to overcome her conditioning and become emotional.