Brave New World

in chapter 9, when is john twice reduced to tears?

in chapter 9 when is John twice reduced to tears?

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John thought Bernard and Lenina had left without him,

They were gone! Gone! It was the most terrible thing that had ever happened to him. She had asked him to come and see them, and now they were gone. He sat down on the steps and cried.


John is reduced to tears when he sees Lenina on her soma holiday. 

There, on a low bed, the sheet flung back, dressed in a pair of pink one-piece zippyjamas, lay Lenina, fast asleep and so beautiful in the midst of her curls, so touchingly childish with her pink toes and her grave sleeping face, so trustful in the helplessness of her limp hands and melted limbs, that the tears came to his eyes.