Brave New World

in brave new world chapter 7 what is the malpais home?

what is the malpais home in chapter 7

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In one sense, Malpais represents the opposite of the rest of the dystopia, an “uncivilized” place against which the reader—as well as tourists Bernard and Lenina—can gauge the imagined progress of the “civilized” world. Here, on the Savage Reservation, age changes people unchecked by chemicals and hormones; women give birth and breastfeed their babies; and the natural process of decay produces sights and smells that appall the sensitive Lenina. In fact, “Civilization is Sterilization” underscores most of Lenina’s experience in the Reservation. Fordian London is so clean that birth and old age have been swept away entirely, like germ-producing bacteria. But in Malpais, the pains of birth and death exist and endure unconquered—still the essential facts of human life.