Brave New World

i need a thesis statement for an essay reguarding Brave New World, i must apply the theme Individualism the the novel, i am having a rather difficut time, can someone PLEASE HELP??

i have an idea for a thesis statement but i have no clue how to back it up. i have never had such trouble writing a paper before! :( my idea is:

* in a conformist society, it should be expected that individualism will stir * if someone could please help me with back up details for this or something else reguarding individualism it would be greatlyyy appreciated!!!

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!Sure that is a great start. It needs a little more detail. Consider something like this,

In a conformist society, it should be expected that individualism will stir. In Aldus Huxley’s A Brave New World, the collective experience of the masses defines people into recognized groups. Individual traits are traded for conformity.

Then think of about three ideas that can back your argument up. With each main point you need to state-explain-quote. Let's consider Bernard Marx our protagonist,

Bernard is an Alpha male. Although he has superior intelligence he lacks the physical stature to engage in disposable sex that defines the Beta's and the Alpha's. At one point men, who are largely illiterate, sing a song in unison. The expectation is for Bernard to join in but he can't. He dislikes the clueless uniformity of these men so he reads instead, "The more the boys pointed and sang, the harder he read." Bernard constantly struggles with individualism which he begins to equate with basic freedom of thought.

Try to do something like this for each of your three points throw in a conclusion and you should be okay. Good Luck!