Brave New World

how has leninas character changed

brave new world

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Over time, Lenina falls in love with John.... a completely alien experience. Her new emotional monogamy goes against her conditioning. The fact that s experiences new emotions throughout this experience makes her actions and thoughts more like those of an individual, creating a sense of inner conflict. Thus, she constantly requires soma in order to interact with John, taking it during their first date and again before going to his house.

Since Lenina has no conception of other cultures and traditions, let alone the Indian traditions, having sex is her conception of love. When John tells her he loves her, she logically assumes that he must want to have sex with her. The entire scene of Lenina going to John is an assertion of individuality, but after her stripping naked causes John to erupt in violence, she immediately reverts to the security of her sociological ideals. Consequently, Lenina quotes her hypnopaedic learning to John while she is in the bathroom. His reaction and their subsequent struggle destroy Lenina's move towards individuality.