Brave New World

From Bernard's reaction to Helmholtz and John throwing out the soma, would you say that Bernard has grown as a character or stayed the same?

Bernards character

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I think Bernard has grown greatly as a character. He feels for the men and the situation, and he almost steps in to help them. Unfortunately, he isn't yet able to put himself in danger, he's frightened of the repurcussions.

"They're done for," said Bernard and, urged by a sudden impulse, ran forward to help them; then thought better of it and halted; then, ashamed, stepped forward again; then again thought better of it, and was standing in an agony of humiliated indecision–thinking that they might be killed if he didn't help them, and that he might be killed if he did–when (Ford be praised!), goggle-eyed and swine-snouted in their gas-masks, in ran the police.


Brave New World