Brave New World

four short quotations that relate to the theme?

Theme: When death is treated as commonplace, life is devalued.

Include 4 short quotations from the novel that relate to the theme. The quotations should be from all parts of the book not just one paragraph. Include page number.

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Okay, just to make sure, the quotes need to be from that specific theme?

Yes Aslan.

Ok, I'll take a look!

"There was a thing called Heaven; but all the same they used to drink enormous quantities of alcohol." (Chapter 3)

Soma is "Christianity without the tears." Mustapha claims it is a better alternative to religion and nothingness.

"Which will finish her off in a month or two," the doctor confided to Bernard. "One day the respiratory centre will be paralyzed. No more breathing. Finished. And a good thing too. If we could rejuvenate, of course it would be different. But we can't." Linda will end her life in Soma induced bliss. (Ch. 11)

"But aren't you shortening her life by giving her so much?"

"In one sense, yes," Dr. Shaw admitted. "But in another we're actually lengthening it." The young man stared, uncomprehending. "Soma may make you lose a few years in time," the doctor went on. "But think of the enormous, immeasurable durations it can give you out of time. Every soma-holiday is a bit of what our ancestors used to call eternity." (chapter 11)

Thank you so much Aslan!

No worries!