Brave New World

Focusing on birth and child-rearing, do you think Brave New World presents a logical way of running the world, or is its lack of free will and choice the ultimate in human domination? Focus on chapter 1 and 2


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Brave New World largely defines freedom through the structures that prevent freedom. The birth process is controlled and conditioned. I think taking away the freedom of human reproduction is, in part, what classifies Brave New World as a dystopia. Controlling reproduction in such a drastic way means the end of humanity.

The methods of child-birth and child-rearing that have been described in the first two chapters of Brave New World, would definitely, feel absurd to the readers at this point in time. But all this appears to be so logical and normal to the characters who are discussing these methods. They seem to be so convinced about the significance of their work for the greater good of mankind. A system of mankind where batches of identical human beings are created and customized in labs. Then these batches are conditioned for the specific roles that they are meant to play all through their lives. All these efforts are done for the sake of establishing and maintaining balance and peace, which is their logic behind doing all this exercise. Free will, which for us is the most important feature of individual human beings, is quoted as a threat to regulation and order, by these characters.