Brave New World

Comment on the role of the individual in the community and the rights the community has over the individual.

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It is highly discouraged to be an individual in BNW. THe state goes as far as to genetically remove ones sense of self if the constant brainwashing isn't enough. So what one has left is a community filled with superficial nonsense catering to their primal urges and no more. If the people have no identity, have no allegiances or love, sex and drugs easily substitute. THe individual has no rights because they threaten the fabric of state control. They are akin to Proles in Orwell's 1984 who are so bust with vacuous per suits that they really don't care what the state does. Individual thought and intellect threaten totalitarian governments. Individuals dream ideas and ideas are bulletproof. A vacant minded community is much more preferable for these totalitarian states.

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what about the second part of the question though?