Brave New World

Chapters 10-12

how does the shift back to the new world affect bernard, Lenia, john and linda

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All of "upper-caste" London clamors to see the savage, and John becomes the center of attention. However, they consider Linda repulsive because of her age, her bad teeth, and her weight. She takes soma in excess, both to enjoy the feeling of "eternity" that she used to feel as a member of civilized society, and so that she can remove herself from the judgment and looks of repugnance of the other members of society.

Bernard immediately becomes famous because he controls the Savage's social schedule. Bernard takes advantage of his fame to get as many women as he can.

Lenina has begun acting in ways that belie her previous behavior. Her inability to get John Savage to spend the night with her causes her to think about him constantly and to fall into a state of depression that she cannot cure with soma. For the first time, Lenina experiences love, with both the euphoria of wanting to be with a particular person and the unhappiness of not having him, as opposed to pleasure or lust. As a result, when the Songster leads her away from the party, she does not want to go, and when he wants to sleep with her, she requests more soma than usual