Brave New World

Chapter 4: how do the other Alphas relate to Bernard ?

Chapter 4

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Although Bernard is incredibly intelligent he suffers from a lack of self-esteem. He is not physically perfect as the others seem to be. While Other Alpha's like Helmholtz Watson find the system awkward, Bernard simply doesn't fit. Where the Director claims to have eliminated love and non-sexual intimacy, Bernard longs for such feelings. Helmholtz Watson is the Alpha specimen that Bernard wants to be. He is tall, good looking and women are crazy about him. Helmholtz Watson can't understand Bernard's frustrations. Although they speak together intellectually, there is a decided gap in their personal experiences. Where Helmholtz Watson can play his role as an Alpha, Bernard doesn't know where to begin.

How do the other Alphas relate to Bernard?


TAHE BOOK "Brave New World"