Brave New World

Chapter 12;

Why is Helmholtz in trouble?

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"Helmholtz had also come into conflict with Authority.

“It was over some rhymes,” he explained. “I was giving my usual course of

Advanced Emotional Engineering for Third Year Students. Twelve lectures, of

which the seventh is about rhymes. ’On the Use of Rhymes in Moral Propaganda

and Advertisement,’ to be precise. I always illustrate my lecture with a lot of technical examples. This time I thought I’d give them one I’d just written myself. Pure madness, of course; but I couldn’t resist it.” He laughed. “I was

curious to see what their reactions would be. Besides,” he added more gravely,

“I wanted to do a bit of propaganda; I was trying to engineer them into feeling

as I’d felt when I wrote the rhymes. Ford!” He laughed again. “What an outcry

there was! The Principal had me up and threatened to hand me the immediate

sack. l’m a marked man.”

“But what were your rhymes?” Bernard asked.

“They were about being alone.”"


Brave New World