Brave New World

Chapter 11;

What can you under about Bernard's fate? What in the text leads you to this conclusion?

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When Bernard becomes important, he begins to like the society more, a change that reveals his baser side. Pride and arrogance are Bernard's tragic flaw, the personality trait that will cause his downfall. As long as Bernard felt inferior and out of place, he hated his society and explored the meaning of human emotion and individuality. Because he did not accept societal norms, he acted in an individual capacity and could identify with John's plight back in the village, a characteristic that John and Helmholtz Watson.

However, as soon as he becomes popular, Bernard rejects his previous hatred and starts to like what society has to offer. Thus, he tells Helmholtz that he had six different women in one week. Bernard emerges as a shallow and self-absorbed character who fails to realize that selfishness is merely a different form of individuality and that he still has no place in a society where individual lives are subordinate to social stability.